Get 5G service at no additional cost!  Learn More

Get 5G service at no additional cost!  Learn More


Simple plans for any budget

No hidden fees.
Get a free Chargii® Classic everyday-charger when you switch.
Just a quick text convo away.

Better Value

70% of Obviously Wireless users save over $28 per line on their phone bill when they switch.

Eligible Devices

Switch over any device that you own anytime, anywhere!

Dedicated Support

Your Obviously Wireless Agent is just a quick text message or chat away. Forget waiting on long hold times or driving to a store.

Which Plan is Right For You?


Will my phone from a different carrier work with Obviously Wireless?

Yes! Most phones are compatible with Obviously Wireless, even if you bought them from another carrier. The only major difference, in most cases, is that when you bring your phone to Obviously Wireless, you’ll be getting a better deal with us.

Do I get to keep my phone number, my contacts, my photos, and my message history when I switch to Obviously Wireless?

Yes, you get to keep everything just like it was! Your photos, contacts, and documents will all stay right where they are for you to use & enjoy them like you always have. That being said, you should still back up your device often – including before you make the switch – but the only change that comes to switching to Obviously Wireless is you’ll get the best network at an even better price.

What services are always included in my plan?

All plans have the basics you need and a few bells & whistles, too. This includes unlimited domestic phone calls & texts in the USA, Canada and Mexico. You also get picture & video messaging.

You get HD voice and WiFi calling, a voicemail box with visual voicemail, you get a tethering (hotspot) capabilities, caller ID, three-way calling, and unlimited data that doesn’t count against your mobile data cap whenever you’re connected to a WiFi Network!

What type of signal can I expect to get?

Obviously Wireless service is supplied by AT&T and T-Mobile. This means you get the exact same LTE, LTE Plus, and 5GE service that AT&T and T-Mobile customers get, but for a fraction of the price. Because we work with AT&T and T-Mobile, Obviously Wireless covers 99% of the US. LTE is available nationwide while LTE Plus and 5GE is currently available in 190 cities and growing. Don’t let our newness on the block fool you – our parent company, Chargii, has been around since 2016 and we are able to provide the fastest, and most reliable service out there today. Your service experience will be indistinguishable from an AT&T or T-Mobile high-end plan.

Where do I pay my monthly bill?

You can pay your monthly bill on our easy to use dashboard on the Obviously Wireless website at the start of each cycle. 

Keep in mind that our billing cycle begins on the 5th of each month and end on the 4th of the coming month. If you join mid-cycle, the amount billed will be prorated based on the plan selected and the date joined.

For users with a non-smart phone plan, we can process payments manually at the beginning of each cycle.

How do I pay and which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit, debit, and prepaid cards. You can upload your credit/debit, or prepaid card into the app to pay your bill.

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