Get 5G service at no additional cost!  Learn More

Get 5G service at no additional cost!  Learn More

The Top Coverage, Anywhere.

Obviously is proud to be able to provide the most reliable and high-speed service available across 5G and LTE networks nationwide.

We provide coverage on the largest, most reliable service networks (AT&T and T-Mobile). All customers are paired with an Obviously Agent who will be with you every step of the way. Our agents will connect you with the best available network option based on your needs and phone compatibility.

The Strongest Coverage Nationwide.

Obviously is here to keep you connected. See Our Plans. 

5G Coverage

5G is the newest and faster wireless technology the market has to offer. “5G” references the fifth generation of cellular network infrastructure, replacing 4G LTE. For the end user, this promises increased speeds for streaming, surfing the web, data usage and more.

5G will continue to be rolled out in locations across the nation in 2020 and beyond. If you are an Obviously customer, you will have instantaneous access to 5G in locations where the infrastructure is available.

5G Phone

In order to have access 5G coverage, users will need a 5G-compatible cell phone. 5G compatible phones will become more readily available as new models are introduced to the market. Most new Android and iPhone models are 5G-compatible!