5G Service – Obviously Included!  Learn More

5G Service – Obviously Included!  Learn More


$45 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data. Obviously.


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With Obviously Wireless, you get your own agent on the case to help sign you up and answer all your questions. Instead of waiting on hold for somebody to pick up, just shoot your agent a text message anytime and they’ll be at your beck & call!

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Unlimited Data, Talk, & Texting 

So many carriers out there say they have the best deal on unlimited plans, but they don’t tell you that your data can & will be slowed down during “times of network congestion.” With Obviously Wireless, you get true unlimited on one of America’s top networks – so you won’t notice a difference between Obviously and their much more expensive service. We have a few simple, easy-to-understand solutions – no law degree needed to understand the file print.

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